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Business English-I (BE-I)

About This Course

An acceptable level of proficiency in the use of English in all its aspects and skills-listening comprehension, speaking, reading comprehension and writing- is a requisite for all professionals including management accountants.

The course in English communication skills consists of three stages (course units):
elementary (BE I)
intermediate (BE II)
and advanced (i.e. Professional Communication) (PC).
BE I and BE II cover all aspects of English with the intermediate stage containing a higher level of instructional material than that of the elementary stage, and the advanced stage focusing on elements of professional communication.

Extra features in the form of enrichment activities are also incorporated into all three stages. The current course unit is the first of the three stated above.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the course the students will be able to:

  • Understand spoken English of simple to moderate difficulty such as formal and informal greetings, telephone conversations, dialogues, face to face communications, presentations and lectures
  • Speak with acceptable fluency, grammatical correctness and articulation for a few minutes on simple topics
  • Read continuous English prose of simple to moderate difficulty with understanding
  • Write simple and compound sentences and continuous paragraphs with acceptable grammatical correctness
  • Understand and actively use the structure and grammar of English at elementary and intermediate level
  • Your Instructors

    Jayadeva de Silva